Zagster helps people fall in love with where they are.

Zagster is the nation’s leading operator of micro-mobility platforms, with 235 operations in 37 states and provinces. We use a unique combination of our state of the art technology platforms and a personal, boots-on-the-ground commitment to bring to life our expertise in providing micro-transit solutions for our partners. We have long experience and deep expertise operating shared mobility systems for small- and mid-size partners like universities, municipalities, corporate campuses and residential and commercial properties.

“Pace bikes have helped close transit gaps for residents, and provide a healthy, fun alternative to driving. The introduction of a dockless mobility program spurred five times the amount of daily rides compared to the station-based system the previous years - and that increase sky-rocketed to 10x during especially busy time periods like the hot air balloon festival, Cinco de Mayo and the entire month of July.” 

Valerie Hermanson
Rio Metro Regional Transportation Authority

Zagster’s success is built on our partners’ success, achieved through offering the best customer experience in the industry. We use technology to help our partners solve mobility problems and our users to connect with their communities. Our operations platform is, simply, the best in its class and allows us to smoothly offer pedal bike, scooter and e-bike shares. 

“A clear relationship with the provider is key, and we have that with Zagster. Everybody understands expectations, data collection, right of way. Availability of bikes is the key to success, and Zagster’s rebalancing efforts makes sure that bikes are available. They’re great.”

Mayor Jennie Fancher
Avon, Colorado

Zagster offers a complete micro-mobility solution for our partners, a simple answer to complex problems. We manage all relationships, maintain all the equipment daily and bring our expertise to bear on every facet of the to create. We are the expert you are looking for.

“Zagster has become a vital and integral component of our city’s existing transportation network and has shown its willingness to be a true community partner.”

Mayor LoveLy Warren
Rochester, New York