Connect Your Brand With Your Best Customers through Microtransit

When your brand sponsors a Zagster microtransit program, you start connecting with good things. We think of it as he greater good.

Connecting your brand with consumers when they’re at their best, and most receptive to your message.

Connecting yourself to communities, like in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Connecting yourself to solutions, like in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Connecting your brand to healthy, active living, like in Avon, Colorado.

Connecting your message to the future, like in Huntsville, Alabama.


Microtransit is the future of mobility in the United States, and we’re just getting started.

Let Zagster help you connect your message with our registered users and the millions of people in the 256 communities we serve in 35 states. When your company sponsors a Zagster program:

  • Your logo will become a rolling billboard placed on bikes, and scooters that help people connect with their communities.

  • Your signage will be displayed on stations specially chosen because of their high-traffic, high-visibility locations.

  • Our users, who spend an average of six minutes on each ride, many of them twice a day, will be exposed to your messaging at a time when they’re feeling good about themselves and their communities.

  • Ongoing event and online support for your messaging.

Find out more about the many benefits of bringing your brand to life by sponsoring a Zagster microtransit program

Contact for a demonstration of the power of connecting with the greater good.