Let Zagster's Experts Operate Your System

When Zagster operates your microtransit system on your behalf, you’re partnering with the nation’s leading authority in micromobility, one that offers a tech-driven, turnkey approach to making shared mobility work for your community. Our peerless technical platforms are in the hands of our skilled, trusted operators—on the ground and dedicated to your program. We work on your behalf to help your program thrive economically. Plus: We can operate any type of vehicle—pedal bikes, e-bikes, scooters—from any manufacturer.

Zagster’s success in microtransit operations is built on an interlocking matrix that we call The Four Rights:

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The Right Vehicles

We work with you to select the right number and mix of vehicles as well as the right vendors to ensure that users have a quality experience every time and want to use your system over and over again.

The Right Place

Zagster has more than ten years’ experience studying traffic patterns, scouting locations and placing stations to help ensure the vehicles you select can be picked up and dropped off in the locations where people want them.

The Right Time

We also use a state-of-the art tech platform to help us analyze and anticipate demand, so we know where vehicles should be and at what times of day. Using our cutting-edge technology, our dedicated team of rebalancers will move bikes around so that the vehicles are where people want them, when they want them. Users know they can depend on a Zagster-operated program. And dependability means use.

The Right Condition

Nothing else matters if your vehicles aren’t in top shape—all the time. Our dedicated team of mechanics perform daily, multipoint visual and manual inspections of every vehicle in your fleet. We use our technology to assess charge levels on electric vehicles and make sure every electric vehicle has a proper charge. Your fleet will work for you, every ride. We make sure of it.

For more information, contact sales@zagster.com