Work With the Leaders
in Micromobility

If you’re looking to the future, you know that microtransit programs offer a simple solution to a variety of complex problems. Founded in 2007, Zagster is the nation’s most trusted authority in micromobility, and can position you for success. And we take care of everything!

We are flexible, nimble and driven by technology. We currently:

  • operate 255 programs in 35 states

  • manage a diversified fleet of more than 9,000 vehicles

  • offer pedal bikes, e-bikes and scooters

  • operate both docked and dockless programs

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Zagster specializes in operating custom mobility solutions for small and mid-size programs like municipalities, universities, corporations and both commercial and residential real estate developments. Each has a unique set of goals and requirements, so our team is structured to provide you our operational expertise in your particular area. We work with you every step of the way, from the concept stage all the way through to daily operations of a vibrant system. When you partner with Zagster, you work with a trusted advisor who helps you learn and improve. For more information, contact

Municipal Agencies

Discover what the 100-plus municipal agencies we currently partner with already know: Zagster works for you. Whether you’re a city planner looking for ways to ease congestion, a transit authority trying to solve “the last mile” problem or efficiently reach underserved areas, an economic authority revitalizing a downtown and boosting property values while positioning yourself for growth, or a tourism agency looking for the coolest way to attract visitors and help them interact with your area, Zagster can help you plan, set up and operate a microtransit program designed to suit your needs, meet your goals and define your sense of place.


Colleges and Universities

Whether urban, suburban or rural, college campuses face unique congestion and transportation issues. Zagster can help you solve all of them. More than just a cool amenity—although we’re that, too!—Zagster microtransit helps colleges ease the perennial problem of campus parking congestion, between-class crowding on roads, buses and walkways, and offer a forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious alternative that is deeply in line with many institutions’ reputations.



If your company is looking to attract and retain top talent while at the same time offering fun amenities and solving campus or factory transit issues, Zagster has the answer. Our microtransit solutions for corporations is a solution in a box that solves issues ranging from parking to employee healthcare to adding more time back into employees’ day. Find out what some of America’s biggest companies already live every day.


Real Estate

Some 125 properties are currently taking advantage of everything Zagster microtransit systems provide our building and campus partners: an innovative amenity the most discerning customers expect; turnkey, beginning-to-end management of the entire program including all software and vehicle maintenance and balancing; and zero risk exposure or liability.